Sunday, August 18, 2013

10 things that make me truly happy...

1) A really hot, great smelling bubble bath. (Even when little people run in repeatedly asking for juice and swiping handfuls of bubbles thereby turning the tile floor into a deadly slip and slide)

2) The perfect cup of coffee. Really hot, a little creamy and a tiny bit sweet. (Even though it has to be re-heated in the microwave 3 times before I am able to finish the entire cup)

3) Being in my bed, the only sound the white noise around me. In the summer, the air conditioner. In the winter, the heater. And my husband's breathing, a comforting constant. (Even though morning will come sooner than I'd like and I'll never feel truly rested)

4) A happy, singing trio in the back of my van. (With none on key and so many incorrect words that make me laugh at their simplicity, innocence and outright silliness)

5) A dinner that the entire family eats without complaining. (Even though someone will undoubtedly fall out of his chair, or spill her juice)

6) The smell of warm, sleepy children. (Even with their morning breath)

7) The perfect that catches my child looking joyous and candid. (Especially after having spent time in that 10th ring of Dante's Inferno, also known as the portrait studio)

8) New shoes. (Even though 9 of 10 times they are now for kids' feet rather than mine)

9) Summer Vacation...unscheduled, extra curricular free days of the beach, the pool, naps and travelling. (Even though each day includes a little arguing and name calling)

10) Back to school...the bittersweet pride of my little ones growing, living and taking on the world. (Even though I miss them so much it's physical)

Because the "even thoughs" in my life are what make it beautiful, real, unique, blessed, and MINE.  The "even thoughs" and the "buts" are where the crux of life hide.  The "even thoughs" are constant reminders of what might not have been, and how truly worth it being a mother is.


  1. I miss buying new shoes gor me! Lol. Loved sweet snd simple. Love you!

  2. I love how much you soak up your babies...and what a sweet engaged mommy you are. I wish we could all plug in as well and really savor those moments as well as you do. Love you, Nitty...such a sweet post!

  3. beautiful life, beautiful words, beautiful Nitty!


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