Monday, March 11, 2013

10 things that offended me today

Everyone is so offended these days....and to be quite frank...I am weary of it. I am tired of worrying about what is PC or what the proper terminology for everyone and everything is this week. I am all for kindness. I believe we should be understanding and supportive and open-minded and open hearted.  But I have a vehement dislike for people who are always offended. Folks who look for things to find offensive. In fact, the phrase "I am so offended" is one of the few things I find offensive. And that's really just because it irritates me so badly.
I get frustrated and angry...but offended? The act of being offended is so narcissistic, as if every comment someone makes is directed at you. And at the same time, is such a victim's stance. To give another that much power over you with their words and actions and to relinquish your own feelings of self worth based on someone else's drivel.  If you don't like what someone has to say...don't listen to him or her.

Now let me be clear, hence I offend someone: There is a difference in being truly hurt, and being offended.  I find negativity and cruelty towards any group of people, especially children, abhorrent. But not offensive.  Just awful, and stupid.  But I decided to be offended today...and here are the things that did it:

1)  That bitch in the drop off line at preschool....I know she saw me smile and wave and she pretended like she didn't recognize me. So offensive

2) That old man who works at the grocery store...he asked me if I needed help to my car. Do I look like I need help?  Just because I have three little kids and a cart full of groceries does not mean I am not capable of handling all this. Was he insinuating that I don't have my shit together?

3)  The DJ on the morning radio show made a sexist joke..after I laughed and rolled my eyes, I was royally pissed. It didn't ooccur to me to change the station, I just kept listening so I could become enraged.

4) I read a few status updates. I cannot believe I virtually associate with people who have views which differ from mine. Facebook is a petri dish of comments, suggestions and updates which I know people post with me in mind, to send me passive aggressive messages about how they really feel about me and my new haircut.

5) Speaking of my new husband said it was cute. But it's not what he's how he said it..he doesn't really like it..I can tell..he is just humoring me and it's offensive.

6) Foul language on the internet...the damn offensive

7) Some chick at the Optometrist's office asked my kid to stop spinning the magnifying mirror. Mind your own business lady...just because I have three kids running amuck in here and am trying to pay attention to the person adjusting one kid's glasses does not mean I appreciate an extra pair of eyes making sure my children do not sever an artery on broken glass. She was really just judging my parenting skills.

8) Someone posted a bible verse...she was just pushing her religion on me...and judging me. I know she posted that verse just to shame me, or force her views on me. It had nothing to do with her personal faith...Christianity is so offensive.

9) I watched someone throw away a Coke can. He didn't recycle it. The HORROR.

10) I saw someone bottle feed her baby and put a diaper on it. When she totally could have breast fed and she should know her baby's "rhythm" and hold her over the potty when nature calls...anyone who does not mother as a verb the same way I do is not only offensive, but irresponsible as well.

So how'd I do?  Are you offended yet? If so then we should really just end our association right now because I probably don't have the tact or patience to maintain a friendship with you...but it's not fact, it's really not about you at all. 
Let's look for things to enjoy in life, shall we?  Look for things that make us smile rather than enrage us...things that empower us rather than anger us. And sometimes, let's just laugh..because it feels good.


  1. I agree. Trying to figure out what may "Offend" someone on any given day is exhausting!! How about we all just do our best to not be an asshat and move on, shall we??

  2. This is great! You Know It Happens At Your House Too led me to you and I'm glad she did. Some people naturally find me offensive since I don't sugarcoat things and I refuse to be PC. People need to stop being such sensitive twat waffles and believing everything is about them.

  3. Perfect. You'll appreciate this:

  4. It takes so much effort to spend the energy being offended...I'm weary of it too girl..great post my friend!
    love you!

  5. I thought this was really funny! Mostly I try to be positive and fairly optimistic about things but some days I wake up just like you did on this day. Everything pisses me off. p.s. I'd be annoyed by the optometrist lady too. Even on a good day ;)