Monday, May 14, 2012

Reasons I will never home school my Children

I have a few friends who home school.  It's not a debate to me. I don't care if you choose public, private or home school, as long as it is what is best for that individual child. It is a choice for parents to make, and really no one else's business. I don't care if you breastfeed or bottlefeed, I don't care if you co-sleep or sleep-train. (Although I have kids hanging on me all day, I sure as hell don't want them in my bed all night. But that's me.)  I don't care if you potty train at 18 months or 3 and 1/2. As long you are doing what is right for your babies, I think you are a good mom. But I will never home school my youngins..and here is why.

- I have been through school already.  Couldn't wait to finish. Why would I want to go through it again?

- I have ADHD. No, seriously I do, and the thought of having to stay on task and keep multiple others on task while reviewing mundane things is too stressful for me. Yes, I have taught my kids to count, and their letters and phonics and colors and shapes, etc. But I mean an entire day of teaching kids about necessary things in a structured manner for 12 years..., wait, what was I talking about....?  Look at that hummingbird..did you know they are carnivorous?  That means they eat a T-Rex...

SEE! My children can not be expected to learn by following my stream of consciousness thought patterns...

Plus, my ADHD makes it impossible to even keep my closet organized. Forget about a year's worth of school supplies, books, movies. Right now the box that holds my kids crayons also contains hairbows, a broken pair of sunglasses and a thermometer. It's ok, there's a method to my madness and I can always find everything, but my children's education should not depend on it.

- I hate math. I really hate it and it would never work for me to teach anything other than the basics. Because I don't understand much more than the basics. Although I am very good at calculating percentages off of a price, er number. If my kids hate math, I will not be able to help them. If my kids love math, maybe they can help me.

- I need a break. I do. I love my children with every fiber of my attention deficit body, but it will be good for me, and them, when they start school.  They are in a mom's morning out program now on Wednesdays, and if they are particularly cranky on a Wednesday morning I think to myself, "better someone else has to deal with this than me!"  I kiss them bye and laugh all the way to the car.

- I am not qualified to make sure my children are exposed to information in all subject matters. Period.

- I am easily manipulated by my little chuckleheads. I am a softy.  I hate to say no. I want them to be happy ALL THE TIME. I know kids need to be prepared for the real world, and the real world is not fair and sometimes they will be upset, sad, angry, frustrated. I am not necessarily the best person to teach them this lesson. Nope, I'd rather them come home to me and let me try to make it all better.

and lastly:

- At some point I'd like to get my hair cut again. And go to the doctor without kids.  Or grocery shop without kids. Or watch trash TV for 2 hours straight on a rainy morning. Or finish a cup of coffee. is like a free babysitter!  I am so taking advantage of that.


  1. Love! You're not the only one!

  2. Exactly! Summed it up perfectly!

  3. Oh shall I count the ways this post is genius!!!! I get free daycare now and my kid is only two and I'm like you mean I can clean the house by myself?!?!?!?! YES!!!!!!!! So I totally agree with you. Oh and did you know that hummingbirds also flap their wings 24 times as fast as other birds, and eat twice as much...dont you feel bad for the mommy hummingbirds? I mean wouldn't it be annoying to have a kid flap and eat that much. And speaking of annoying things............

  4. Hell yes! I cant wait for all day kindergarten :)I. Only 1 year and 3a months till that. 1/2 preschool will be great too, but all day?!? Love my turkeys too, but cannot wait. Xoxo

  5. That is sooo funny and I agree completely. I have never understood other people's needs to tell people how to raise their kids. And I am one opinionated beeotch. As long as you are not hurt your kids I don't care. Heck before I had kids I saw tons of things I would say to myself "I would never do that" guess what it all changed when I had one. I understand it so much better now.

  6. Thank you for this post. I feel the same way!

  7. I agree--people like to judge when you don't do what they do so that they can feel better about themselves for doing what they do. Wow--THAT made no sense--I guess it's good that I send mine to school, too!

  8. I think this is an AWESOME POST! I'm a homeschooling mom but used to not be and can appreciate both sides of the story. My favorite time every morning when we had our daughter in parochial school was drop-off time! But then as time went on we realized homeschooling was better for our family because she was bored and we didn't have the funds to give her the advanced, individual-"work ahead" environment she needs. I love homeschooling now because she can work far ahead what other kids have, and learn more creatively; although it is definitely a struggle to find my own time again. More than anything I think your first paragraph is right on - to each his/her own! I love your honesty and must now go revise my post for next week ABOUT homeschooling to reference/link this blog (if that is a-OK with you) :)