Thursday, June 14, 2012

My favorite non essential but now somewhat essential purchases...

Please note that I have received NO compensation (or even recognition) for telling you about the following purchases, but I would totally take money or free products if they were offered to me. Just sayin'...

My Keurig.  How I love thee.  Before this purchase, I actually had to brew a pot of coffee, and wait.  I had to scoop grounds, use a filter, fill up the water and WAIT for percolation to occur.  No More. Awesome cup of coffee and practically any flavor or roast in a minute.  When I first got it, my husband thought it was a waste, Now he is in love with it too.

My iphone. I know, I know. Phones are for making phone calls. But I love my smart phone.  It is smarter than I. It also entertains my children with games and keeps me from getting lost and can find any phone number I might ever need, and then dial it with one touch.  I can text and not actually have to engage another person in conversation, and I can do fancy things like "check-in" and post pictures of my adorable children instantly.

My Nook. I love love love to read.  I love Barnes and Noble. Because I love Barnes and Noble I decided on the Nook rather than a kindle. I now have the Nook Color.  You can buy virtually any book and have it in your library and downloading in about a minute.  Not to mention  apps like Angry Birds and Frogger...(I have three kids and they don't share the iphone well). There is a free book every Friday and you have the option to loan certain books to your friends and vice versa for no charge.  I also have Netflix on it and fully intend to wastch every episode of Downton Abbey very soon. And maybe The Tudors.  If I ever have time. And can get it away from my kids.

Annual Zoo Family Membership.  Kids never get tired of Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my. Or of anteaters and stingrays.  And there is a train and a carousel. Score!   My kids are at the perfect age and they have a ball everytime we go. Even when it is 94 degrees and I am sweating to the point that I have pit and underboob stains. Gross, I know, but true. This is Florida after all.

Annual Beach Pass.  Get this...we drive the mother-Trucker right on to the beach. Park there and then pop open the trunk, unload towels, coolers, buckets, etc.  Walk about 10 feet and plop down in front of the ocean.  Awesome.  No hiking back and forth from the public parking lot blocks from the beach with three little kids and all of their accoutrements in 95 degree heat covered in sand and miserable.  Nope, easy peasy.  My kids are also at a great age to jump in the little waves and search for shells and build castles.

Highlights. And I love my salon. You walk in to the lobby and wouldn't you know it? You are greated by a Keurig.  And the scent of coffee mixed with Aveda products. And then I get pampered with a scalp massage and an hour and a half of undivided attention. Plus, highlights are pretty.    And Vain? Possibly, but that's ok. They make me feel a little less soccer mom and a little more va-va-voom. cha-cha-cha if you will. You know, hot. As hot as one can be with underboob sweat.....


  1. Underboob sweat for the win! classy, Nitty. Very classy. But then, you go to a salon and have a keurig and I got instant coffee and box blondeness. I want to go to the beach and the zoo with you! we would be glorious with all our boob sweat stains! xoxoxo

  2. I am now going to make a product called Underboob Buddies. They are soft, lightweight absorbant liners that can be attached to the inside of your bra cups. You're welcome. You had me at Aveda...xo

  3. I would SO purchase those UBB products...for sure! And YES there is something about the smell of an Aveda salon. Mmmmmmm (close-eyed serene smile). Soooo when are we going to the beach?? :-)

  4. Men get sack sweat when we go to the zoo and beach. And sometimes we get it just thinking about boob sweat. :)

  5. I certainly agree that these are all must haves and I don't have any of them. Sad. If anybody gives you free shit as a result, I will happily volunteer myself to take the products off your hands. xoxo

  6. What is it about Aveda that makes me feel calm, and clean (hey, I live on a farm!), and sort of earthy-seductive?? I wish I had a sweaty-boob stained t-shirt. I'd wear it like a badge. I'm the reason the Wonder Bra was invented. :)