Friday, September 7, 2012


Today we celebrate my twins' fifth birthday. It is full of conflicting emotions. The day they were born came after months of uncertainty and anxiety, laying in a hospital bed feeling like I was losing a battle at keeping them safe, keeping them alive.

The day they were born came more than 10 weeks early. It is hard to celebrate your babies coming into the world at 2 lbs 11 oz and 2 lbs 13 oz. Hard to celebrate the tubes and ventilators and monitors. Hard to celebrate the fact they know only pain and struggle.

But five years later, today, I can celebrate how far we have come. I can celebrate their struggle because it ended in triumph. I can celebrate the funny, sweet, smart and strong little boys they have become. I can celebrate because they are here, and they are amazing. Happy Birthday to my boys!


  1. Oh how I know this struggle. My preemie (11 weeks) just turned 17 :-)

    Happy Birthday to your boys!!!!!!


  2. Awwww happy birthday boys!!


  3. Very sweet. I can't imagine how that time must have been for you and all the worry, but onto the future..and it is looking bright! Happy birthday to them both!

  4. What an amazing journey!! It must be amazing to look at your beautiful boys and know how far they have come!! Happy belated to your sweet boys!