Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I thought I would be that cool mom. You know, the kind that my kids and their friends loved. The kind they asked
for advice and hung out with. I never wanted my kids to be embarrassed of me. After all, don't they know what a cool mom I am? Won't they be proud to say , "This is my mom!"

Apparently NOT. Because at the ages of four, four and three, each have put me in my place. Unless they are hungry, sick or sad, I will be merely tolerated at best.

The twins started 4k a few weeks ago. I
was a little choked up but determined to stay up-beat in case one of the boys
became upset. My worry was a waste of time. After walking twin A to his seat, he immediately struck up a
conversation with his teacher's aide
and his neighbor. I sorted his snack and pencil box into his cubby and leaned down to kiss the top of his head.
"What are you still doing here?". He

Well then. Guess I'm dismissed.

I continued on to B's class. B is
a mama's boy so I was certain I would need a little extra time with him anyway.

We said hello to his teacher and got him situated.
"Your snack's in your back pack
Babe, and a juice box too". I
told him.

"OK, get out".

I shit you not, he told me to get out.

Wait, what??? Hmmmph

Better than crying and begging though right? Right?

That weekend I took my three year old
spoiled little adorable princess of a daughter to see The Fresh Beat Band Live in Concert. We were so excited for a girl's night.

After a few minutes of the first song,
she was up and dancing with a small group of girls in our section. As the song finished they all jumped around and cheered. Their enthusiasm was
contagious. I clapped my hands high in the air and yelled some nonsense like "Yaaaaaay". She stopped dancing, marched over to me and said, through her teeth, "Mama, put your hands down". Then she rolled her eyes at
me and walked away.

Ummmmm, you're three.

When a particularly catchy song was being performed I stood up next to her and was twisting and bopping my head. I'm tellin ya, those Fresh Beats are pretty good. Again, I got the three year old stink eye and a "MOM, stop dancing".

Stop dancing? But these moves are CLASSIC I tell ya. The others moms just wished they could Kid n Play and MC Hammer like me. But alas, I was embarrassing my youngest offspring.

I can't even imagine the teen years......sigh.


  1. Awww...I hated that moment. I haven't quite hit it with Ben. Of course he is just irritated with everyone. But the first time Timmy refused to kiss me goodbye at dropoff? Heart. Ache. It's okay...just know its all for show. You will always be the first person they want and need when they are in the comfort of their own home. Xoxo

  2. "What are you still doing here" Oh that's good!!! Hahaha!!! It get's better.

  3. DISMISSED! Wow....and no hands in the air at a Fresh Beat Concert? Holy smokes! Tough crowd! This was hilarious...
    I JUST told hubby the other day - "I'm only wanted when someone is sick or tired!!" ARRRGH!
    Bright side - they are so confident they don't beg you to stay - good job on building their self-esteem, hot mama you!
    love ya!

  4. Hey Sugar don't let it get you down. There are plenty of times yet to come when you will be HAPPY to embarrass them. Remind young princess just who bought those Fresh Beat tickets, tell HER she's cramping YOUR style, her with her three year old dancing.

    Mine are 15 and 12 and I have taken them to see all types of MY music (Police, Duran Duran, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney) as well as Big Time Rush and One Direction. And as long as I'm buying the tickets, I will attend the shows with them and dance like no one's watching (they just LOVE that). Look forward to the teen years, they are so much more susceptible to embarrassment then!!

    Cheers and great job, mom!

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