Tuesday, December 20, 2011


All kids whine. Some a little and some a lot. B is a whiner.
I will from here on be referring to the twins as A and B. It could be worse. I could refer to them as Thing 1 and Thing 2, or Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum but I love them and want only positive associations.  They were A and B from the very beginning...in utero, before we even knew they were adorable baby boys. The docs gave them these monikers, I will just continue to use them for the sake of blogging.  I will refer to my daughter as C simply because it follows A and B.

Anyway, A and B were preemies, as twins often are.  B had all kinds of complications early in the pregnancy and is considered a miracle by every OB, neonatologist and pediatrician he has ever been in contact with. Not to mention his dad and me.  He is awesome. He is amazing.

B is adorable, funny and so so smart. He is mama's boy and very sweet.

B is also a whiner. Big Time. 

Here is an example of a car trip to Target:

"Mommy I'm thirsty."

"Well you have your juice cup baby."

"Mommy I'm hungry."

"Don't you have peanut butter crackers on your lap?"

"I'm cold."

(Aw Geez)

"it's 94 degrees outside, you're not cold"

"ok, I'm hot".

(big sigh)

"I'll turn the air on higher."

"The sun is in my eyes".

(effin sun)

"OK, just close them and relax".

"But then I can't see the movie."

( POS movie)

"Dude, I don't know what to do for you...."

"You need to turn around so the sun's not in my eyes"

(oh that effin sun)

There is nothing to say to this... I continue driving

A moment of silence!  And then it passes...

"Mommy, C is touching me!"
"Mommy, C is looking at me!"

(How the hell do you know she is looking at you, I thought the freakin sun was in your eyes)

" No one look at each other, no one touch each other, no one talk to each other, just watch your movie"

"But the sun is in my eyes".

Yep, so that is how it goes. But the truth is,I'd be whiny too if I'd been through all he has. I am just so happy to have him in my life and so proud of what a strong boy he has become that I'll take it any day.  I just may need some vino some evenings.

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