Thursday, December 22, 2011

Home for the Holidays

I have seen many lovely pictures and postings of people's homes gloriously decked out for Christmas. I have read other blogs describing how to create beautiful hand-made crafts to celebrate the Holiday (Reference . A few postings from friends have made me a little envious, like these beautiful wreaths made entirely of ornaments a friend made.
Some homes are almost museum quality this time of year, and I am all for it. In other people's homes. Not mine.
Let me tell you about my home at Christmas.  We'll start with the basics.

Even though it's the Holidays, there are still crayon murals on some of my walls. Magic Eraser can only do so much. And at times I have no idea who to credit with the fabulous artwork because they all blame each other. Quite ingenious really...

And even though I vacuum EVERY DAY, there are still crumbs on my floor, in my couch and inside the drawers of the train table. I guess the trains have to eat too.  There are juice stains on my carpet, proof that a spill proof, drip free sippy cup is as mythical as The Big Man in Red.

And now the Christmas decorations...first, the Tree. The tree itself is lovely. Little twigs and berries accenting the green (artificial) boughs.  But is it meticulously decorated and color coordinated? Oh hell no. Pretty much only the top half is decorated at all, because I gave up on keeping 6 little hands off the Christmas Tree.  And their daddy told them it was ok to touch the soft ornaments, just not the breakable ones.  WTH? You want two four year olds and a two year old to distinguish between breakable and "ok to touch" ornaments. Everything is breakable in those hands. I looked over from the kitchen the other day and actually saw the entire tree SPINNING.

Most of the ornaments decking my tree are, in fact, hand made. But not with fabulous, impressive material. More like tissue paper, glitter, glue and styrofoam. I love them. My kids are artistic genuises.

Other decorations include various wall hangings, which are dangerously swung back and forth on a regular basis, and stuffed characters which sing and dance. Because there is not enough noise and confusion in my house anyway.

And don't forget the Rudolph Train set, complete with the Abominable Snowman. Baring it's claws and teeth. Hi kids! And the train itself chugs around, whistling loudly and smoking. Yes, smoking.

So, a peaceful, tranquil Holiday sanctuary it is not.  But it is busy and fun and full of enthusiasm. And there are usually some home-made cookies, decorated beautifully by my little elves.

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