Saturday, April 28, 2012

Family Portrait???

So for Mother's Day I am doing something I have never done before..I am attempting The Family Portrait.  I have plenty of pics of the kids...official Christmas pictures  (ahhh, the fun here), Easter pictures, Birthday photos. Studio posed, candids, dressed up, dressed down. But other than a few haphazard pictures in which one child is undoubtedly crying, one has her back turned, one is grabbing his crotch, one is looking at the sky, one is in the process of falling off a rock, or one is squatting down to eat some old candy off the floor, I have no pictures of my husband, my children and me. So I am going to pay a real photographer to meet us at a neutral location, maybe the beach, or the bayfront marina, or the lawn of the historic Fort downtown, or hell maybe at Chuck E Cheese...and we will attempt to create a picture which is beautifully artistic and representative of my lovely family.  This lucky photographer will arrange three preschoolers in a fun and vivid fashion around their exhausted-but-happy parents and surely freeze a moment in time that will forever encompass the perfection of our family unit. We will all be dressed impeccably and complimentary of each other. We will all have brushed hair, and teeth. We will hopefully be band-aid free, and please God let us be stitches and cast free as well.  Everyone will smile sincerely at the camera, or either we'll be captured in one of those moments where we are all looking at each other adoringly, hugging each other with our eyes and arms. It will be perfect. I will hang it on  the wall forever, and everyone will "oooohhh and aaaahhh" when they visit. It will be cherished forever.  I cannot wait. I will share it with you...unless it looks like total shit.


  1. bahahaa...ohhh how I love you! I will post a pic for you to see how well this works out! xo

  2. I love! I can't tell you how many times I walked blindly optimistic into a studio for a family photo, only to leave with a stream of obsenities pouring from my mouth. Honestly you do have a very beautiful and photogenic family...I have a feeling even if there is nosepicking it will still be great. :-)

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! My last family photo was taken in November. It was 60 degrees in the morning, by the time the photographer came, so had the cold front. Hello 40 degrees. The kids all look frozen. Good Luck!