Friday, April 6, 2012

Ten Years of Wedded Bliss

Yesterday was my husband's and my ten year anniversary! Ten years and we have made a three great little people and we still totally dig each other..I'd say that's a what did we do to celebrate? We decided to take the family to Toy Story 3 on Ice...may as well celebrate with the family since they are such a large part of our marriage anyway. Plus, we go to Disney on Ice every year because the kids LOVE it.

Unfortunately, my husband threw out his back yesterday morning. Like crawling around on hands and knees back pain....I don't have back troubles so I can't truly relate, and it was our anniversary so I held back the urge to say "suck it up you weenie" all day. Plus, as soon as I would have said something ugly, it is assured that I would then throw out my back and be in excruciating pain...because Karma is like that and she follows me around and looks for opportunities to mess with me... parents were in town, and my dad stepped up to the plate to go to Toy Story with me and the chuckleheads...

It was a blast...seriously. Not only was the show very entertaining, but what I really enjoyed was watching the kids reactions...anticipation, excitement, laughter, concentration, ooohs, aaahs..the whole realm.

A was excited. He pointed a lot, yelled the name of each character as they appeared, and yelled answers when the skaters asked interactive questions. He laughed and made commentary to me the entire time. 4 year old commentary.

B was very intense. He sat at the edge of his chair and watched. This was some serious shit and he didn't want to miss anything. If you spoke to him he turned his head towards you while leaving his eyes on the show, and responded with an answer that was what I imagine to be the 4 yr old equivalent of eff off.

C was enthusiastic. She clapped and sang along...head shaking and mouth open rock star style. She danced and bopped around and applauded. She had a ball.

I loved seeing their distinct little personalities and how differently they reacted, even though they all three enjoyed the show immensely. I could tell my dad loved going with us too, and being a part of something the kids loved.  It made it even more special for them to have Grandaddy with us. 

On the way home, an exhausted B said his tummy hurt. I wasn't sure if it was from the chocolate dipped marshmallows, caramel apple, cotton candy, french fries, nachos or lemonade.

Such was my ten year anniversary.

Saturday we have a sitter for the chuckles and dinner plans...not sure that is going to happen. There are not many restaraunts that appreciate it when you crawl in, and then stand the entire time you eat....there's a good chance we'll be here with the kids, watching Tangled or Alvin and the Chipmunks. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! I totally feel your pain...back pain, that is. My husband is notorious for throwing his back out at the least opportune time. Every time. There have been many a celebration, excursion, etc he has missed. BUT the important thing is that you had a great time with your babies...and you know they won't forget that kind of thing. Its as special to them as it is to you. :-) xoxo

  2. Good for you! We are headed to TS on ice as well in a few weeks. :) I am sure my son will be dancing a jig. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! We always celebrate with our littles too! Hope Hubs feels like functioning soon. I know his pain!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you 2!! I hope everyone is feeling better - and I have to say, I was salivating at 'chocolate dipped marshmallows, caramel apple, cotton candy, french fries, nachos or lemonade'.
    lol Hugs to you! xo

  5. Happy Anniversary! It strikes me, as we age (married 15 years this year) how the urge to say "suck it up" is tempered by understanding for our aging bodies. I am getting a *little* better at getting it when my man's back hurts. A little!