Monday, March 5, 2012

love letter

You are always there when I want you. You are always open and warm and inviting.  You take me back any time of day or night, whenever I can find time for you. Though I long for you, I cannot devote the time I'd like to our companionship.
It is a struggle every time I leave you. Sometimes I want to cry, sometimes I want to yell "noooo, why must we part again? I swear I just got here". But priorities pull me away, again and again.
Please know that your love is not unrequited. I think of you often. How soft and conforming and comforting you are, how you always smell good, how you shape to me, how you cradle me. One day I will be able to commit to you. You won't have to be lonely, won't have to be abandoned at all hours of the night. But until my kids are older, my dear dear bed, we have to take what we can get. XOXOXOXO


  1. This is AWESOME! I nominated you for The Sunshine Award on my blog (that I am going to post any second...)today if you want to take a look!

    1. Here's the link--sorry!

  2. I was thinking of 'writing my blog' no where near the idea of a BED here for me LMAO!