Friday, January 6, 2012

getting dressed

My attitude toward fashion and grooming has changed considerably since I became a mommy. I used to love shopping. I bought new clothes almost every weekend. I came back to work from lunch break wearing new shoes. Every night I would plan what I would wear the next day. And I wore heels EVERY day. With dresses, jeans, whatever.
Then I got pregnant, Ugh. I barely felt like getting out of bed, much less getting dressed, drying my hair, applying make up.  8 weeks of hospital bedrest did not do much to help this. I literally changed from one nightgown to another.

But when the kids came this would change, right?  Ummmmm, no.  One cannot balance 2 babies, a heart monitor and portable oxygen with heels on. One cannot push a double, then a triple, stroller with heels on.

I became a yoga pants wearing beotch. Because they are comfortable and easy and washable.  With either tennis shoes or flip flops, depending on the weather.

My children, mind you, are much better dressed than I.  They have adorable shoes, adorable clothes, adorable hair bows...

If there is somewhere we are going, I plan out their cute little outfits the night before. Then just before we leave, I look down and still have pajamas on. Shit! I haven't even thought about what I should wear to my husband's company picnic. But the kids look cute!
My cousin has a whole mess of kids too, including twins. She once arrived at church in her house shoes. But her kids looked cute!

Why are my kids better dressed than I? It's quite foolish really. When they were really little they just puked or shat all over the clothes. Now they make huge messes, with markers, food, toilet water,  biochemical hazardous materials, etc and their clothing is ruined in the process. Or the little stinkers grow an inch overnight and can no longer fit into the crocheted, smocked, monogrammed, appliqued t-shirt, dress, romper, etc that I just HAD to have. They don't care.  If it were up to them they would be covered in Dora and Lightening McQueen rollback specials from Wal-Mart.

But they are so cute. So even though it is irrational, and I know better, I will still be drawn to really unnecessary cute clothes for my kids. And I'll be rockin the yoga pants. But my kids will look cute!

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  1. sister n law and I were JUST saying today that it used to take us 1 1/2 hours to get ready to go, by the time we get our kids dressed (and husbands for that matter) we are left with 6's so sad - my clothes are outdated..and my pride and joy are my Victoria's Secret Yoga and's my new suit of choice. xo You're in good company, as always...DG