Thursday, January 19, 2012

why I don't go out much

I had a girls' night last night. I really did. Of course one of the kids was sick yesterday morning and then I worried all day about leaving, but he seemed much better after nap and I felt comfortable leaving him with his daddy so I could go see Wicked.  After all, I take care of sick kids on my own quite frequently while my husband is at work. 

As the show started, I received a text message. And another during intermission. Which inspired me to write a short quick list of text messages you never want to receive , from a babysitter, grandparent or spouse, while away from your children.

1. " A is puking. "

2. " A is still puking. It is red and full of yellow chunks and everywhere."

(1 and 2 were from last night)

3. "B fell and hit his head on the Thomas Table" (that damn Thomas Table again!) " It is bleeding. It looks pretty bad".

(3 was from a babysitter, who I adore, while I was at the doctor with C.)

4. "Do you have a plunger?"

(4 was received from another babysitter, who I also adore, while out to dinner with my husband, sister and bro-in-law)

5. "I can't find C."

(this one hasn't actually happened, thank God!)

I have a feeling this post may be a work in progress. Not that I get out much.

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  1. One of the worst texts I've gotten while catching a movie with a friend was from my daughter who swiped my husband's phone...asking "when are you coming home, mommy??" (Insert knife in heart)