Monday, January 23, 2012

My Fantabulous Weekend

Now let me just say that I know it's not nice to brag..and I shouldn't, but since you are all my friends I know that you will be happy for me and not think I am a braggart when I tell you about my weekend.

Friday night we just took it easy. The kids went to bed at 8 without a fuss and hubby and I cuddled up on the couch with a bottle of wine and a platter of sushi and a plate full of chocolate covered strawberries and watched "The Help",

Saturday was great. The kids all slept in, and dear sweet hubby and I had 2 cups of coffee while watching the morning news and chatting. After the kids got up and had breakfast, they got themselves dressed, right down to the shoes and hairbow, and we all went to the circus. It was so fun! We had tickets right in front and when the ringmaster asked for a volunteer, he chose all three of my kids. They got to ride on an elephant and play with the clowns. Unbelievable, I know. They came home with their faces painted and their tummies full of popcorn and cotton candy. They were blissfully tired and crawled into bed just as the babysitter arrived. Hubby and I changed ( I wore my favorite black cocktail dress and was having a good hair day) and headed out for dinner at our favorite restaraunt in the historic district of town. It was excellent. We then took a horse drawn carriage ride by the bayfront, complete with champagne. Just celebrating life! We stopped by our favorite piano jazz bar and topped off the night with beer (him) and pomegranate martinis (me).

Sunday morning the kids slept in AGAIN! They woke up and got themselves dressed for church, again complete with shoes an hairbow. They were perfectly behaved during the service, and at brunch afterwards. They had chocolate chip pancakes, hubby and I had lox and bagels. Oh yes, and mimosas. We all went home and took a nap. ALL FIVE OF US. When we woke up the boys watched football with their daddy while my sweet daughter and I went shopping for the afternoon. While we were out we got manicures, and stopped by our favorite chocolate shop.

When we got home, we ate dinner together, the kids took baths, kissed us goodnight and climbed into bed.

Aaaaaaaaah, Bliss! And complete bullshit. My kids spent all weekend throwing up, and my adorable husband and I spent the weekend rubbing backs, comforting little pitiful children, cleaning up puke, doing a ton of laundry and barely sleeping at all. It sucked. But I am so glad we were both home to do it, because no one else will ever love our kids the way we do, and no one else could take care of them the way mommy and daddy do.

By the way..I have a new definition of pitiful for you: a sweet little 2 year old retching and dry-heaving into a bowl with a tiny pink cast on her arm.


  1. For real, I was believing all that! I was formulating a "that was an awesome weekend, tell me your secrets" comment.
    Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

  2. ha ha Amy...I Wish it was real...maybe one day!!

  3. So glad you are having a sense of humor about this... you're tough! Praying for you that it is all a memory by now.

  4. Ha! I was SO jealous of your weekend and until I got to the end! If it makes you feel better, my four year old just threw up all over me after coughing so hard she gagged. Misery loves company, right?!

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  6. Ditto what Diane said! I was SO jealous of your weekend, too (well, til the puke part). I was initially thinking "wow, she is describing my DREAM weekend". hahahahaha! Then, we went to the circus on Sunday, and on the way there, I thought about your crazy post, and laughed.